Monday, 12 September 2011

Been some time, no updates...

I haven't had a chance to upload anything for sometime now so i'll add everything in one go.

This is a cover art I designed for my sister's book called High Rise.

This was a warm up painting which didn't take too long to paint.
The anatomy is off I know but I didn't use any ref so i'm happy.
Scratch and Earn at use.

Scratch and Earn environment speedpainting. Started as a warm up sketch but then I carried on painting over it.
Video can be seen on my channel.

This one is my latest finished concept and it started as using my scratch and earn technique.
I painted this one for ConceptWorld's bi-weekly contest themed Vibrant Sky.
This is about a city above a city in the future where everyone uses hoover like tumblers to commute to and from work.

Sketched for CGtalk's daily sketch challenge.
Theme was 'The Old Wounded'

Apart from this life's good. I'm flying off to Lithuania soon and when I come back I start my last year in uni. Excited.