Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Watercolour Express is now up.

So I had great fun working on these paintings and the video is now up for you all to see:

Since I can't cram all the things in the video, i'll add some behind the scenes here.
The location for the first week was Hampton and there is a really nice bridge that goes across River Thames.
On the scheduled day, there was a lot of traffic which held me back and I didn't get there ill 6pm. Without wasting any time I found myself a great spot just on top of the bridge. But it started drizzling forcing me to pack up my stuff.

I tried using one of trees as a shelter but the rain didn't allow that either.

So I had to head back to my car and call this trip off. The car park is next to a train station (Hampton Court Road) and so on my way back I seen the florist and the gourmet ladies packing up their stuff. I had a look around the station and asked them if it would be ok to paint in this location. To my surprise they loved the idea and were very supportive. So I found this quite spot by the entrance with enough space for me to move around whilst not obstructing anything.

Painted in public was harder than I thought it would be, it looked like a really quite station but damn! Every train that came in, brought along what looked like thousands of people. The Peekers, The Motivators etc.
Whilst I was painting this drunk guy named Mark came next to me and started giving me feedback on how to see thing from his perspective and boy oh boy, he really did help.
I'd been here for so long that some of the people had now seen me twice.
I think I stayed there till midnight and it was so cold.....

On this day there were a few who asked me for my details. I still haven't got my business cards so the next day I decided to paint the details onto the canvas before shooting off to the same place.

The location this time was The Royal Palace (Hampton) and I had been granted the permission to paint in their garden.

The last paining from this day was in a really beautiful spot. I found this quite dock right next to the bridge which had an awesome sunset view. It was a really nice end way to finish my first week.

Onto the next one. :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

GDSWorld: The Journey

So I recently thought about going on a year long journey to explore, experiment and try out different styles and mediums. I'll be trying a new style/ medium every week and upload a video at the end of the week. 

This is the crazy side of me! You're warned....XD

Also, its the Rabbit Awareness Week as pointed out by one of my mates, so here is a header i'll be living with for the whole week: