Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Master the art of time.

Here today and gone tomorrow. Our time on this universe is limited. We are sent here for a purpose and we're going to leave as soon as we get a miss call. We have little control over how long we get to stay on this earth plane, but we can definitely control what we do with the time we have today.

Next week might not be promised to us, but today, right now, this very moment we can be making decisions that will eventually effect our whole life. To progress or to retreat, to move or to stop, to sail or to sink? just some of the hoops that we have to jump through to get us to the place we greatly admire.

I read recently that Michael Angelo and Mahatma Gandhi had the same time in a day as us and if you ponder over that for a moment you'll probably come to the conclusion that yes, that is true. 

They just made the best use of the time they had and left a legend behind. What's stopping us? In todays age, it is all too simple to have a small attention span and jump from hobby to hobby, but have you thought about how beautiful life would be if we could just focus on a few things at a time and really put our all into it. Slow down time and build something that will last long after we've vanished from this earth plane. 

What are your thoughts on time? Comment below and let me know. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On to the next one

Old thought, old habits, old memories are just things that simply hold us back. When I use the word 'Old' I don't mean age, no, its referring to mental conditioning that we have. Thought, memories and habits that we stack up as we go along and soon  enough overwhelm ourself with too much of everything.

So then comes a time when we have to decide to let go of the things that no longer serve us and help us grow. I was more than happy pondering over my good old days and the time I had a lovely environment and so on. But those things as good as they were are not me today, my past does not serve me today and the purpose I came here for.

The destination for me is irrelevant as such, I am much more interested in living the present moment and living the journey as an adventure.

If past and future are just in our thoughts, I no longer wish to support the thinking that keeps in any of those two. For past is all but over and future is yet uncertain.

Lets shed off the access baggage from our minds and look forward to this moment, this day and cherish what we have right now. The future will always be slightly away from our grasp and the past is like the stain in a cup after you finish drinking.

Share your thought on this philosophy by commenting below.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Slacking it out

We all start the race quite hungry. Be that race of life, race to reach a goal, to lose weight, get fit etc. We're usually pumped, exited and wholly energetic.

Then we start the race and all goes well for a distance when suddenly the drive, the hunger, the motivation dies out. We hit a so called Plato/ a glass wall and seem to be held down by it.

It is at that part that we become comfortable and slack out, we find external things to take responsibility for our actions and get side tracked by averagites! (Yeah I invented that word)

This could happen in your job situation, your personal hobby and even your relationships.

There are two solutions I've found so far:

- Use CNEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) in whatever it is you do, even when things are going well for you. Just because things are going well, don't mean they'll keep getting better. We must take personal responsibility to ensure we're being part of the change.

- Improve everyday and in every area by just 1% everyday. This way the changes may seem insignificant but eventually they'll amount to a lot. Just keep making small progression along the way.

Slack out if it makes you happy, otherwise get off your butt and make a difference.

Are you already active enough? Or do you need someone constantly pushing you for you to achieve anything in life?

Comment below and let me know!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Always go back to the basic.

There are plenty of times in your life when you'll get stuck in your tracks, when you feel like you've hit a dead end and there is no way you can get out of this situation. You look around and blame anyone and anything you can find, always thinking that something outside of you is the problem.

Next time you find yourself in this situation, pause for a second and take a step back. 
Sometimes we are lost mainly because we are too focused on the details and can't seem to back away from the problem far enough to see the whole picture. 

We have the world at our finger tips and there always seems to be more options available then ever before, the information overload makes us question our choices at every opportunity. Should I be doing this instead of that? Let me google this one? To name just a few. 

According to Arnold S. he chose to use Dumbells over machines just because it gave him the best custom workout possible. He chose to focus on the basics when all around him would've easily opted for the more complex options. He chose simpke easy going equipment which allowed him full control on his workout. 

To be honest, through design and innovation aren't we just trying to recreate and simulate the real thing, point is we don't have to be seduced by our environment and pushed to follow the herd. Recently I noticed that though top singers like Beyonce and others are scrutinised for their celebrity status (Illuminati for example). But despite the rumours you can't argue that all these singers have an amazing voice. The most simple and basic thing (their voice) becomes their defence mechanism and something to fall back upon. 

The foundation you lay becomes your shield in war, cushion in blow and shoulder in need. 

Do you agree? Comment below and let me know. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Turn on your internal radio

You don't have to look further than the people closest to you to realise that we are far too busy worrying about what other are doing, what their achievements are and anticipating what they are going to do next. I'm not free from that either.

There is nothing wrong with choosing role models and aspiring to be someone else, motivation wise I'm all about that. The problem occurs when we spend far more time on the activity of others and less and less time on ourselves. Believe it or not if you're just reading a newspaper or watching the news, it can easily eat up into you time and at the end of the day you gain little from it.

News is what I hear everywhere I go, and while it is amazing to keep up to date. It is very easy to let it overwhelm us and consume our time.

What if you know what you want to do, or found a way to make a difference in the world? Would you not need as much time as possible working on your skills and developing them to attain the level of success you desire?

Let's work on this area to bring about a balance in our life where we can switch focus between loving/ fantasise about others and focusing on our own goals and achievements.

It quite recently that I learned this and now I'm sharing it with you. The best way to inspire others and to leave a legacy is to do what you do with love and do it to the best of your ability.

Are you already focused on your own goals? Do you think it selfish to look after your own goals and dreams? What's your view on the internal radio? Comment below and let me know!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Finding your own voice.

In this seemingly complicated world, we're bombarded with what seems like a load of everything. The word 'simple' when searched in Google returns .... results.

We are dying for simplicity and looking for everybody and everything to have a tag on them. A singer must be defined by the society as a singer, what if he or she wants to be an author too? Oh no, we don't want to hear about that. Just one label per person please otherwise we get options, and that results in us making decisions and we'd much rather have the decisions already made for us and being served on a platter. Yes, I think as a product of the Internet age, we have gotten used to a lot of things being served on a platter for us.

We are a slowly becoming a generation that are faster than ever to accept/ dismiss what is presented in front of us.

But what if you haven't had a chance to find your own voice? What if you want to try different things out before you pick one? What if you don't want to pick one and much rather have a few professions?

Well in that case, you're going to be a Zen master in order to juggle the responsibilities that come with a certain field/ profession.

Do you agree that it is difficult?
Comment below!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Are you willing

In order to let our dreams guide us to our purpose, we have to be willing. What does that mean? Well, our dreams demand a certain step/ action before we get the final result. 

Whatever it is that you dream of has a price to pay, if you do nothing, you get nothing and you become nothing. That's obvious. 

Being willing allows us to seek out opportunities that compliment our dreams and follow them through. 

My 2015 resolution is to make 99 Vlog videos, being busy with the business and other commitments mean that the only time I do get is when I'm away from my house and on the move. However, I'm scared of recording in public or drawing in public. As a result I have to squeeze the little time I have left at night time to draw and upload. Which ends up affecting my health. 

The technology I have on my pocket is sufficient to allow me to do work on the go but the fear I have in my heart is sufficient to stop that from happening. 

At one point then we have to decide between our fears and our dreams. If we're willing to pursue our dreams we'll have to eventually step over our fears and become the person we want to be. 

Do you have a fear you're trying to tame? Have you had any success yet? Comment below and let me know!