Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On to the next one

Old thought, old habits, old memories are just things that simply hold us back. When I use the word 'Old' I don't mean age, no, its referring to mental conditioning that we have. Thought, memories and habits that we stack up as we go along and soon  enough overwhelm ourself with too much of everything.

So then comes a time when we have to decide to let go of the things that no longer serve us and help us grow. I was more than happy pondering over my good old days and the time I had a lovely environment and so on. But those things as good as they were are not me today, my past does not serve me today and the purpose I came here for.

The destination for me is irrelevant as such, I am much more interested in living the present moment and living the journey as an adventure.

If past and future are just in our thoughts, I no longer wish to support the thinking that keeps in any of those two. For past is all but over and future is yet uncertain.

Lets shed off the access baggage from our minds and look forward to this moment, this day and cherish what we have right now. The future will always be slightly away from our grasp and the past is like the stain in a cup after you finish drinking.

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