Monday, 15 April 2013

JayZ portrait Day 21

Today, I was mainly learning InDesign CS5. Going through some of the most boring tutorials I've ever heard.  Really useful but really slow and too thorough. But its all good, I need it to roll out the next issue of Concepteez. Anyhoo, had some time to do some practice.

Love your passion and dreams just like you love the person closest to you. It is just as valuable.

Decided to bring Hov to play and here is the result.

Sketchathon 13 Breaking the Walent Code Day 20

Todays Sketchathon was simply amazing. We laughed, loved, pull each others legs ( specially Rogues) and had a blast. I haven't done a Sketchathon in 2 weeks and this morning when I went online, I thought people have already forgot about it. I was wrong! I got told off by Meonah, Yip Lee and Mr Sandmann for missing two weeks and soon enough my crew was there. Today we toned down a little, we cut down the Google Hangout and since i've snapped my headphones there wasn't much talking either. I was the resident DJ for today and played Tiesto, Avicci and Eric P.

If you were to die today. What would you be remembered for?

Cutting down the Hangout allowed me to have as much fun as the people taking part and keep all the chat in one place also had its benefits.

12+ hours of livestream and I still feel fresh. The highlight for today has be the fun round we had titled 'Breaking the Walent code'. In which we tried to imitate Walent's style. It was a really fun round to take everyone out of their comfort zone. Walent himself took part in this round and really pushed himself to produce a cracking piece of environment.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 19 Continuing the journey

Only 19 days in and it feels like i've been going for so long. I've gained so much knowledge and I feel like i'm  ready to jump into an ocean and swim my way to the other end. When the journey become difficult it is easy to doubt yourself and your goal. Sometimes it is easy to forget why I started this journey in the first place. Why I get up early in the morning when I do and why i'm not doing something else. It is always easy to drop this task for that one because the task at hand seems difficult. Everything has its ups and downs and we sometimes have to just believe in ourself and let time give us the answers we need to continue. I can easily waste my whole day thinking about why I should paint this model and not that one and quite frankly I've done that last for the last few days. Running way from what I started just because it got difficult.

Moving on with no regrets is the biggest thing i've learnt and yet to apply to my own life. Being too attached too the past can and will only make me weaker. Setting it free will allow me to carve my future the way I want to.

Iron out the creases in your life. It'll provide for a smoother journey.

Today, I had a lot of fun drawing in the tube. The reason I don't post my tube portraits yet is because I want them to remain as loose as they can be. Posting on here would raise expectations from me and right now, I can do with just letting loose not having to worry about posting the portraits. They will be posted when the time is right. Been doing a bit of Zbrushing and also playing brushes, trying to organise things into their pack.

I also picked up a portrait I started time ago and added a few more strokes to it.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 17

Spend most of my day today working away from my pc. Komo wanted to see me get my hands dirty so been working on a traditional portrait. Its still in progress but I took this quick snapshot to show here.

So in my down time, i've been up to some great stuff. Including painting my mum's new shop and helping my friends with a great campaign they're a part of.

A dvd cover I designed for the campaign to help support the youth of our age to get up and do more. I was given access to all area pass and was allowed to wander around the venue which was pretty epic. 

It was great fun. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 16

Ok so been away from my pc for last 3 days. There was no train service to my studio so I decided to use this down time  to get away from art. Well, I tried.

Been a great blast, took part in a community event organised by my mate, went on a long trip with my family and also helped my mom move her stuff into a new building. A lot of painting, cleaning and eating.

We back in action now and ready to go!

Today, just been experimenting and testing stuff.

GDSdailydose will resume tomorrow.