Monday, 15 April 2013

Sketchathon 13 Breaking the Walent Code Day 20

Todays Sketchathon was simply amazing. We laughed, loved, pull each others legs ( specially Rogues) and had a blast. I haven't done a Sketchathon in 2 weeks and this morning when I went online, I thought people have already forgot about it. I was wrong! I got told off by Meonah, Yip Lee and Mr Sandmann for missing two weeks and soon enough my crew was there. Today we toned down a little, we cut down the Google Hangout and since i've snapped my headphones there wasn't much talking either. I was the resident DJ for today and played Tiesto, Avicci and Eric P.

If you were to die today. What would you be remembered for?

Cutting down the Hangout allowed me to have as much fun as the people taking part and keep all the chat in one place also had its benefits.

12+ hours of livestream and I still feel fresh. The highlight for today has be the fun round we had titled 'Breaking the Walent code'. In which we tried to imitate Walent's style. It was a really fun round to take everyone out of their comfort zone. Walent himself took part in this round and really pushed himself to produce a cracking piece of environment.

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