Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Slacking it out

We all start the race quite hungry. Be that race of life, race to reach a goal, to lose weight, get fit etc. We're usually pumped, exited and wholly energetic.

Then we start the race and all goes well for a distance when suddenly the drive, the hunger, the motivation dies out. We hit a so called Plato/ a glass wall and seem to be held down by it.

It is at that part that we become comfortable and slack out, we find external things to take responsibility for our actions and get side tracked by averagites! (Yeah I invented that word)

This could happen in your job situation, your personal hobby and even your relationships.

There are two solutions I've found so far:

- Use CNEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) in whatever it is you do, even when things are going well for you. Just because things are going well, don't mean they'll keep getting better. We must take personal responsibility to ensure we're being part of the change.

- Improve everyday and in every area by just 1% everyday. This way the changes may seem insignificant but eventually they'll amount to a lot. Just keep making small progression along the way.

Slack out if it makes you happy, otherwise get off your butt and make a difference.

Are you already active enough? Or do you need someone constantly pushing you for you to achieve anything in life?

Comment below and let me know!

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