Saturday, 31 January 2015

Finding your own voice.

In this seemingly complicated world, we're bombarded with what seems like a load of everything. The word 'simple' when searched in Google returns .... results.

We are dying for simplicity and looking for everybody and everything to have a tag on them. A singer must be defined by the society as a singer, what if he or she wants to be an author too? Oh no, we don't want to hear about that. Just one label per person please otherwise we get options, and that results in us making decisions and we'd much rather have the decisions already made for us and being served on a platter. Yes, I think as a product of the Internet age, we have gotten used to a lot of things being served on a platter for us.

We are a slowly becoming a generation that are faster than ever to accept/ dismiss what is presented in front of us.

But what if you haven't had a chance to find your own voice? What if you want to try different things out before you pick one? What if you don't want to pick one and much rather have a few professions?

Well in that case, you're going to be a Zen master in order to juggle the responsibilities that come with a certain field/ profession.

Do you agree that it is difficult?
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