Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grudge Loyalty

Its almost midnight here in UK, I've just missed my main YouTube video by about three days and my blog by 1 day. The title is 'Grudge Loyalty' but what does that even mean?

It is very easy to get bored of a thing or even a person after a while, i'm not sure if bored is the right word, but you know what I mean. Its like when you get a new toy and you polish it, keep the box it came in and look at it everyday. Then suddenly after a few days, the affection you had with the toy wears out and you just throw it to one side.

If you have a dream or a side project that you always wanted to help take-off, you'd soon come at a cross junction where your excitement has level out on you and you can no longer get the same amount of joy that you could, that initial excitement takes on a different shape in your life.

The question is what do you do when that happens? When the loyalty wears off and you can no longer find the inspiration to keep you going? Do you look at the 'Why' you started and keep pushing? or do you just throw in the towel and say I've had enough!

E.T. the hip-hop preacher said that if you were going to quit, you should've done that last year or before you got started. Why quit now? You might be so close to your goal! Are you going to remember the first day when you got started and stay true to that?

Whats the alternative if you do decide to quit, to throw in the towel on what it is you're fighting for? If you have an alternative, then why haven't you dropped the project to work on the other one.

Can you relate to this blog in any way? or am I just talking to a machine which can most of the time not answer back?

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