Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hitting the bullseye

Hitting the bullseye! 

I mean knowing where you're going really helps. It really is simple if you think about it, in fact its probably so simple that you're about to judge me for being stupid enough to write this article in the first place. What's fascinating is how easy it is to not follow such a simple rule in life. 

Lets take the first example of a navigator: You leave your house for a family trip or with your friends and you're driving to France. Lets do two things: 

1) Remove the driver and place the car on autopilot mode, or if your car is not a robot out of a sci-fi movie, just pull the hand brakes off and let it roll
2) Give the car no direction, just let it guess the route

How long do you actually think it'll take for the car to reach its destination? More importantly how long will you wait in the car before yell out, Something is not right! 

Yet, most of live our lives this way, just following a blind path and letting life roll down the hill into a cozy, comfort field. 

If it's that easy, why doesn't everyone do it? 
One reason is that we let the obstacles get in the way. The petty little things that take our focus away from what it is we want. 

We can't always decide the minute detail. When a kid says that he/she wants to be an actress, they are not concerned about the exact Genre of the industry, or the kind of director they want to work for or anything that specific. All that kid wants to do is be an actor/ actress. 

If the driver of the car decides to drive to France and that is a definite decision, come rain, puncture or a little diversion 9 times out of 10, the driver will reach its chosen location. The driver will have to leave some room for course correction. 

If we are to follow our chosen dreams and goals, we will have to leave some room for course correction. Knowing where we're going is enough to keep our eye on the destination. Who cares if we have to help poor old Doris cross the road at a stop sign, it makes the trip all the more exciting. 

Do you know where you are going? Are you afraid to share your destination in case someone reaches there before you and captures your flag? Or are you willing to share your destination spot and are happy to have other people on-board with you? 
Comment below and let me know?

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