Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What you gon do with all that hunch!

Many a time we are looking for answers and feel like we're unable to get out of a certain situation. Whether it is being creative on a tight deadline or providing a service under pressure. It's mostly times like these when we are desperately seeking within us for a solutions, just a little something to help us catch our breath. 

When we're tensed we block off the frontal section of the brain (don't quote me on this one), which is responsible for our creative thinking. When that happens, no matter how hard we focus or force our energy, ain't nothin gonna come out. Failure to force ideas out usually then means that we have to let go of the idea eventually and walk away from whatever it is we were doing. 

In the relax state then, whether it be away from work that evening or just driving home after a long conversation and suddenly, it hits us. The hunch that is. 

A hunch is an idea, an inclination, a feeling that has been cooking inside your head. Your gut instinct that is telling you what to do, but due to Indecision, fear and doubt you won't let it out, you hear it but you shut it off. 

Wayne Dyer said 'if prayer is us talking to god, instinct is god talking to us'. 

So next time you have a hunch, a moment of inspiration or an urge to do something. Follow it through. You never know where a hunch may lead you but if you do nothing, I promise you'll be in the same position you were before you had that thought. 

You don't have to know all the steps, just the first part and you'll open new doors for yourself. 

When was the last time you experienced a hunch? Comment below and let me know? 

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