Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Learning can be dangerous bro!

If education alone could churn out millionaires or successful entrepreneurs, all Oxford/ Harvard graduates would run this world.

Education is great, learning something new expands our field of vision, opens new doors blah, blah, blah!

But education also breeds fear. When you learn about a 1000 ways to do something, you also start getting in your own way. Getting into all the knitty gritty of the situation and missing the big picture. This is why people like Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and thousand others win the big coins, they don't fear the process, they know their outcome and follow it through to the end come what may.

This is not an excuse for you to get off the learning path. Heck, why reinvent the wheel when Dunlop is doing a great job already. The application of what you know is far more important then the information you have.

Their was a particular day when I decided to spend some time in the library. When I looked around, I saw literally a dozen of senior folks feeding their brain with the word juice pouring through the papers and I got thinking how will they ever use this information?

Who knows, maybe we'll see the next KFC come out of this library.

Yeah, back to the topic, find a way to make whatever you have in your head useful for what you do. Make it pay the time you spent on learning it in the first place.

Kill it yo!

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