Saturday, 27 December 2014

Can success be achieved overnight?

Hello my friends, it was the start of last year when I decided to take on a challenge. The challenge was to record a 2 second clip using my phone of something useful from that day. One clip everyday, regardless of circumstances. I was inspired to take on this challenge by Cesar Kuriyama when I watched his video.

At the start of 2014, I had all my clips, they were scattered along a few folders but nothing I couldn't gather in a few moments. For some reason though, I held on to the recordings, waiting for the right moment, the perfect opportunity, when I'm skilled enough and guess what! That day never came.

Today as I was cleaning up my computer, I realised that I spend a WHOLE YEAR collecting pieces for a video and then just left it hanging there. Why bother starting a project, if I'm just going to abandon it after completion? So with a vague idea, I jumped right into it and started pulling the folders together. As you can imagine, it didn't take me long, in fact just a few hours, to pull together all the clips and then compile it. I even added 3 backing tracks to it.

So in essence, it took me almost a year to just think about a project and in my head, I made it sound like such a big project, like my final piece or something. And yet, when I actually got around to doing it, I was done before I knew it.

We hold back on so many things, just waiting for the right opportunity, the right time, moment, lighting etc, when we should just sail the ship and make course corrections as we go along.

Enjoy a year through my lens:

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