Sunday, 29 January 2012

Global Games Jam 2012 Finished

Just finished Global Games Jam last night.
GGJ happens all over the world and you have a task of creating a prototype for a game in 48 hours.

Our team worked on a game called 'The Labotanist' and a working version of this game will be up soon.

Read description + more info about GGJ
Theme was Ouroboros (A snake eating its own tail)

We only had one Scripte/ Coder in our team so we had to make the whole game based on what he could manage in that time. We felt quite sorry for him as he was glued to his pc trying to make it all work. I think he slept for less than 5 hours in those 3 days.

But it all worked out at the end and we were all very pleased with the result.


I was responsible for the Concept art for the level. I sketched 3 different ideas and then tightened up one of them for the promotional side of the game. I was also responsible for the HUD of this game and I painted 6 icons depicting different flowers which a player can use in the game.

I was also tasked up with painting 3 different hd images for the storyline and this was done in the last 3 hours of the game. I had already burned myself out by this point as I only slept for around 4 hours in the previous 3 days, but I tried my best.

I also painted the place holders for the text which was displayed when the a player hovered over the icons. A background was painted and then 6 different version were created with text on them.

The ground plane seen within the game was also my responsibility and was painted as a 2d top-down plane. A lot of back and forth had to be done to get this plane right.

In-Game Screenshots: 

I learnt alot through this project, mainly about myself and would definitely recommend everyone to take part if you're given the opportunity.

Long description because i'm still super excited about this event.
I'm really proud of all the hard work that went into creating this event and would like to thank the organisers, my team and everyone who made this event a wonderful highlight for 2012.

48 hours 6 members in a team. The whole world taking part at the same time. We had big projectors randomly displaying feeds from the rest of the world and we also had our own webcam feeding the event live to the world.

Worth every single minute of it.
Bring on 2013....

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