Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 3: Markers Behind the scene

These markers were pain to use. My first day (Monday) didn't go as planned, I took these markers to a life drawing session, Ania and Adrian Dutton were kind enough to let me record my canvas in a life drawing session (super cool off them). I guess I was just too nervous/ excited about having the camera behind me whilst in a life drawing class.

I did get there on time (for a change) so I could set up my camera before class. Adrian was kind enough to tell the whole class about my journey (approx 50 of them) and by the end of the class all my business cards were gone. That was awesome! I was also forced (politely) to link up in the pub afterwards and the conversation about my journey continued there. It was a great day overall for networking...

I wasn't happy with the result of that night so I went back on Thursday and this was the result of  that session. Much better results imo.

I did a few marker studies which turned out ok and I compiled them together on this page:

This morning I decided to create a little story about me being kicked out the house and me working from a makeshift workbench. I set it all up how I wanted it and spent around 2 hours on recording the different parts I wanted for the video. However, when I got back in the audio was so choppy that it couldn't be used. The whole thing was a mess. So I decided to do another webcam video and upload it on the spot. 

Lets learn from our mistakes and move on. DON'T LIKE MARKERS....

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