Sunday, 4 November 2012

Schoolism workshop

Hey Everyone,

I'm so excited whilst writing this blog. Let me start by sharing this image with you guys:

Bobby Chiu was in London with his Schoolism team and I was lucky enough to grab tickets for two of the workshops. I missed out on the All events pass so I quickly bought Alex Woo's workshop ticket and Bobby Chiu's ticket. 

People from all over the world came to these workshops and I was lucky to be just a tube journey away from the Moving Picture Company. I seen people from Netherlands, America and Portugal and they were all massive fans of Bobby. I can tell!

I'll refrain from sharing the images from inside these books, it was a surprise for me to open and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone doing these workshops in the future. 

This was the session overview of Alex Woo's workshop:

Session Overview

Hour 1
Lecture - (20 minutes)
Line of Action session - (20 minutes)
Shape session - (20 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

Hour 2
Silhouette session - (20 minutes)
Space session - (20 minutes)
Exaggeration session - (20 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

Hour 3
Extrapolation session - (20 minutes)
Story session - (20 minutes)
Story pitch - (20 minutes)

Hour 4
Final lecture (20 minutes)
Questions and Answers (20 minutes)

We drew a lot in this workshop and it was awesome getting some critique from Alex on my drawings, he actually went around and gave everyone 1-1 critique. Bobby was also in the room taking pictures with his iPhone and I had my work on the projector at one point and Alex drew over it to explain a few things I was doing wrong.

At the end of the session I asked Alex to sign my business card and in his usual style, he drew me a gestural sketch of himself. Neat!

Here is the agenda for Bobby's workshop:

Session Overview

Artistic Skills
- Increasing ability, speed, healthy art habits, finding your natural style.
Setting Up
- Brush settings, reference, multiple views.
Visualizing and Effective Sketching
- What to see vs. what to draw.
Fictional Light Sources
- Lighting, highlights, textures.
Finishing Touches
- Soft lighting, detailing.
Three Principles of Motivation
- Positive & negative motivation, measuring true success.
- Creating a strong "brand", building a fanbase
Attracting Big Clients
- Creating demand, closing deals
Financial Security
- Quoting, diversifying, making yourself irreplaceable
Questions & Answers

After the event, I managed to grab Bobby, Jason and Kei for a 1-1 chat. That was epic!

I learnt a lot from Bobby's workshop, it was really nice to see Bobby share his personal life with everyone in the room and everyone had goosebumps at the end of the day. I really couldn't have asked for more.

A lot was covered in both of the workshops and it was really nice to hear from the professionals in the top of their game. Couldn't have asked for more.

It would be impossible for me to put in words all the things i've learned from these artists but hopefully i'll be able to pass some of the things i've learned down to my peers.

It was a really good networking opportunity and I met a lot of great artist who i'm now in link with through Facebook and Twitter.

I managed to get two Retweets from Bobby within a weekend. What else could you ask for. I welcomed Bobby, Kei and Jason personally to visit London again soon and also handed them my business card so they can get in touch with me if they want.

Before ending this blog I would just add that i'll never forget this weekend and i'll try and keep this page really close to my heart. It was Bobby, Kei and Jason's signature on it.

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