Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 12

Been a really good day today. I managed to stick to most of the schedule and just worked flat out. A bit sleep deprived at the moment but its the only thing keeping me going right now. The more I push my body through the pain, the better it feels for some reason. Its like i'm slowly getting to know myself better and what I'm capable of doing. There is a sense of accomplishment in sticking through the tasks and seeing them all the way to finish. Also did some anatomy studies today on paper. Look rubbish so I left it out.

I have to balance my food intake at this point. Eat too less and i'll starve. Eat too much and i'll be too lazy to move. I also have to eat the right kind of food otherwise my body will start to lose some of the energy it needs to keep me going. Also drinking a lot of water to keep my eyes dehydrated.

'Inspiration is in the air, you just gotta learn to breathe.'

Life is boring without challenges and this one is slowly growing on me. My biggest fear at this moment is giving out through the course. It'll be devastating. I have to keep going no matter what. If I give up, I know i'll  live to regret it for the rest of my life.

When I concentrate on any particular thing, it feels like a waste of time and I always look towards other things that i'm not doing right now. But the truth is that i'm just playing mind games with myself.

I'm learning the foundation right now, only to forget them as soon as i've mastered them.

Really good day.

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