Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 9

Staying over in the studio overnight to finish a traditional pencil portrait for a good friend. I wasn't happy with the first attempt so I kept painting till 7am in the morning. The train service resumed at 5:30 in the morning. I had a decision to make, jump on the train and take the first draft or finish the painting regardless of how long it takes. I was physically tired at this point but mentally fresh. After 25 hours I was still sketching and it felt good.

'Follow your heart. It's the greatest navigation system you have.'

I did finish the portrait and went back home to sleep for a couple of hours before getting back up. I had a business seminar in Stafford. I really enjoyed the journey there and the overcast day lit the landscape in a very painterly way. At this point I was not only happy about delivering two portraits in a night but I also listened to my heart and did the right thing.

I safely delivered the portrait to Margharet and she was very pleased with it. That magical moment when you see a positive response from your client is priceless. Margaret is going to frame the portrait so i'll upload it when I receive it from her.

On the way back I shared the train journey with a really good friend from the business club. Full of inspiration and positive vibes. I think winners carry an ora around them wherever they go. She is definitely one of them.

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