Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 4: Feeling the heat

So it is day 4 and i'm already feeling the heat. Been working on some grayscale studies. Decided to stick with black and white and nail the anatomy and values before moving onto colour.

There is good stuff coming out of my journey already and by doing these paintings I'm making it possible for me to find my weak spots. I've been writing them down. One of things I need to do is study more master paintings and also principal of materials.

I also feel like I need to get rid of the symbol system in my head as it keeps overriding what I can see before my eyes.  

'If they aren't there when you're down. You don't need them when you get back up.'

Lost the study I did this morning, I was mainly trying out the dot measuring technique which seemed to be working. Will try and do another sketch to see if I can remember any of it. Am I sad about losing my sketch? Hell no, it was just one of 1000's that i'll be doing soon. Onto the next one.

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