Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day 2: The day of anatomy

So today I started working on the foundations. Going back to basics and literally figuring out what I need to make sure I don't have to look back.

I started the day with this portrait study. Learnt a lot by doing it. Their are plenty of mistakes in this portrait and it was great to compare and analyse the results afterwards against the reference.

Forgot to bring my lunch today but rather than going out and wasting an hour or two, I just scorched what I had in my cupboard and got back into motion. I'm not going to use this or that as an excuse any more. It is time to put every single second of my day into progressing towards my dream. From this point onwards rest is a necessity and not a required part of my day. If I can go without it, I will.

'Don't do the minimum you have to do in order to survive. Tread your own path and break free from the crowd.'

It is not possible to build a mansion on rotten straws, anatomy is like base of the house. Getting it right will definitely pay off in the end and ignoring it will cost me later in life.

An hour of anatomy a day will make the real difference in your work. Try it!

I'm capable of doing much more than this and I have to work up to a level where i'm performing at the peek of what I have to offer.

It all seems reachable now....

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