Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 6: The Sketchathon day

Today was the Sketchathon day and to switch things up, we decided to record the Sketchathon videos on Youtube and have structured learning process so we can get more out of this day. We all took it in turns and my friends went first. Amit, then Long and then Walent. They shared their techniques and really useful stuff that we all found helpful.

'No point having all the riches in the world if you can't enjoy it. Look after your health.'

Then it was my turn and they asked me to do a Zbrush sculpt to show them what the software can offer. Hardcore is my middle name now. The results are just a by-product of the mental image we create for ourself. If you decide to be strong you will be one day. I truly believe that i'll be a great artist one day and I actually believe in that. I'm willing to work for it and do whatever it takes to reach my goals.