Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 3

Day 3 started with me painting a skull and learning anatomy while doing it. I'm trying to memorise the names of the important landmarks so I can easily recall them when painting.

This morning I realised that results is the only thing that matters. The process and the stuff behind the scene is of little importance as the viewer doesn't see any of it.

I decided to switch things up today by having as little rest as possible between my rounds. 1 hour work followed by 15 minutes of traditional drawing to get away from the screen. Been working mainly on a portrait for a friend's girlfriend.

'Just make a start, the rest will take care of itself.'

In the last round for today, I decided to go all out with colour and attacking the painting. However, it turned into a big disaster and just stayed in the uncanny valley. NO TIME FOR GIVING UP NOW. We have to keep pushing and work for better results. Need more failure to make me a stronger person. The more I fail now, the more angles I can cover later on.

My eyes are hurting at present and the screen is blurry but whatever, good things always come after little failures. Its the winners that keep pushing and the losers stay behind.

Here is the failure for today:


  1. If your eyes started to hurt, then you should really take a break! Look at something green and far away for a few minutes. You don't want any permanent eye damage!

    1. Thanks Rogue! Yeah, it was just a bad day.