Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 13

Today I was really impressed with some of my entries for the Sketchathon event. We talked about changing the structure of the event. Highlight of the day has to be my best mate/ mentor/ admin doing an Indian accent. He's amazing.

'I wanna fly like a bird tomorrow, so i'm crawling on my knees today. '

Feel sort of overworked/ border line burnt but it feels way too good. I'm really proud of how far i've come in the short span of 12 days. Need to keep pushing. It doesn't mean that i'm happy. It just means that I can see some difference.


  1. Man I love that quote. Are they all by you?

    PS:I wonder if you recorded the Indian accent part...:)

    1. Thanks man, and yeah I keep posting these to inspire myself through the day.

    2. Yeah, the Indian accent is recorded. Will play it next Weekend.